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Service Commitment

Service Commitment

Service Commitment: Shenzhen Centuryfair Industry Co., Ltd. adheres to the service tenet of “Customer-first and Unlimited Service”, and always regards customer service as an important part of the company's core competitiveness. It has set up a specialized team with rich experience in customer service and superb technologies. The main content of customer service is to establish and analyze customer service information, handle customer service requests and counseling, develop and maintain the relationships with existing and new customers within assigned areas and provide customers with technical and service supports.

After-sales Service Department

A brief description of services
System failure maintenance
When system has failures, we will diagnose, analyze, and solve the problems.

Consulting Service
We provide users with free technical advices and technical support services, including technical guidance for system management, helping customers to make backup plans, improve work logs, and set up Codes of Practice.

Spare parts warranty and replacement service
Our company has built a spare parts warehouse according to the integrated product to provide users with the spare part replacement service. We guarantee to provide users with spare equipment that is not inferior to the specifications, model or grade of the faulty equipment models within 24 hours until the faulty equipment is repaired.

Patch notification and recommendation
The company's services include notifying user of the availability of the patches suitable for their system and offer them specific recommendations, which will allow users to constantly improve the performances of products.

The service of system expansion and upgrade support
Our company provides system expansion, free software upgrade and function update service when the operating system used by the user have updated versions available during the running of the system; or else, when the software applications being used need the support of updated operating system or the updated hardware components are available for being applied on the system, our company will promptly notify user of such information and provide operating system upgrade programs according to actual situations to ensure that the system can run in good conditions all the time.

Service Modes:

Telephone Service

Customers can request our technical services through our hotline, fax, or e-mail. The hotline is on duty 24 hours a day Monday through Sunday, and the engineers on duty at the customer service center will handle customer requests in a real-time manner.

After-sales service hotline 400-669-6328 (Engineer Huang)
24-hour complaints hotline: 86-0-13168020184
After-sales service fax: 86-755 -86330793
After-sales service E-mail: marketing@centuryfair.com

Remote Service
Our company has set up a feedback column on the company’s website to receive customers’ messages, and offer specific solutions to customers’ problems. In emergency situations, the company provides the online service mode through which our service engineers will log in the customer’s host from a remote computer to carry out on-line diagnosis.

On-site Service
Our company will send skillful after-sales technical engineers directly to customers’ sites to solve technical problems or provide technical support

Customer Fault Levels

Level A: Inquire about information or support needed in terms of system functions, installation or configuration, which does not influence customers’ business operation. At this point, the engineer will provide customers with detailed guidance, and the customer service officer will maintain regular contact with customers.

Level B failure: the system can still be used, but the main performance has seriously declined, which has caused medium-level influence on customers’ business operation. The engineer and the customer will work together and try to resolve the fault during working hours. At this point, our customer service officer will negotiate with the customer and maintain contact with them to track the process of problem solving. (The process is uninterrupted throughout the working hours until the problem is solved)

Level C failure: system failure or application has stopped; the actions of operations have been seriously affected, which can incur serious losses to customers if not immediately restored. The engineer and the customer will mobilize all kinds of resources to eliminate the problems in the shortest possible time. At this point, the customer service officer needs to maintain contact with the customer and constantly supervise the troubleshooting work. (Uninterrupted throughout 24 hours until the problem is resolved).

Service response time

For Level C failures, we will send personnel to the scenes within eight hours for places inside Guangdong Province and within 24 hours for other locations.

For Level B failures, the problem should be solved within four hours for customers located in Shenzhen and within 12 hours for customers in other places.

For Level A failures, the problem should be solved within three hours.

Shenzhen Centuryfair Industry Co., Ltd. provides one-year whole-machine free warranty service for all our products. The warranty period starts from the date of signing on the equipment acceptance form by both sides.

Response time for equipment failure report: four hours during 8:00-18:00 every day; 12 hours during the rest period of time.

If the equipment failure cannot be eliminated after eight hours of maintenance, the company will provide users with spare equipment that is not inferior to the specifications, model or grade of the faulty equipment models within 24 hours until the faulty equipment is repaired.

Service targets: transcend users’ needs, and provide more for users
Star-grade services: provide users with convenient, fast and reliable star-grade service
Fastest service: fast response, fast arrival and fast maintenance
Service attitude: friendly, prompt, accurate, and regarding users’ complaints as the best gifts for us
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