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We build the company whole-heartedly, and the company produces products relying on strength!

1995, Shenzhen Centuryfair Automatic Control Machinery Factory was established, implementing “5S” management model; business range: small, medium and large chassis and racks for servers;
1997, Centuryfair Silk Screen Mechanical Production Department and the Assembly Line Complete Equipment Production Department were established;
1999, Centuryfair Transportation Facilities Production Department was established;
2001, Centuryfair Industry Co., Ltd. was formally registered, the Radio Frequency Identification Device Development Department was established, and the OEM/ODM mode of operation was formed;
2003, the overseas security market was expanded; the business of screen printing machinery and assembly line equipment was gradually reduced, while the investments in the production of transport infrastructure and radio frequency identification devices were increased;
2004, patent applications for SJS trademark and featured products were carried out, and brand operation was fully implemented, the pilot offices and the work related to global industrial certification were started;
2005, the company placed ads in major magazines, and extensively plunged into the second-tier market;
2006, the company actively participated in the domestic exhibitions of security across the country to seek the recognition and acceptance of peers;
2007, the company expanded its scale once again and built larger production bases and sales networks;
2008, the company strengthened internal staff training, to enhance its own capacities;
2009, the company strengthened brand operations, created the Overseas Business Department, and achieved good results at 2009 Shenzhen Security Fair. Peers’ recognition and acceptance about our products were further deepened.
2010, the company placed a large number of advertisements in the Chinese Security website, the China Parking World magazine, and World Global Resources website; which deepened the recognition of SJS brand among users and peers.
2011, bringing into play the advantages of existing products, and under the premise of maintaining the product stability, the company adheres to the service concept sincerity, and prioritize the interests of users. Thinking what customers think, minding customers mind, seeking truth and being pragmatic and people-oriented, the company realized innovation and win-win benefits with customers in terms of technology and operational ideas. Leaders took the lead to ensure that all tasks were implemented at all levels. (2011 is the year of service strategic planning of Centuryfair)

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