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Highway Smart Transportation

Highway Smart Transportation

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Highway Smart Transportation

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Shenzhen Centuryfair’s ETC high speed railing machine Toll stations on expressways are playing an important role

In recent years, the highway industry in China has developed rapidly, while its rapid development, the increase of traffic volume also increases the difficulty of the actual management of the expressway. In this case, with the use of the non parking fee system ("ETC system"), the Centuryfair’s ETC high-speed railing have emerged as the times require, and become an important part of the expressway toll system. Through the analysis of the application of the Centuryfair’s ETC high speed railing machine in the freeway toll station, the important role of the Centuryfair’s ETC high speed railing machine for the efficient operation of the ETC system is understood.


One, Centuryfair developed a ETC high speed railing  machine

Shenzhen Centuryfair Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating intelligent control technology, production and sales. The company is committed to the development and production of one card system equipment. The main products are automatic highway railing machine, intelligent road gate, intelligent parking management system, intelligent channel management system and so on. . Its performance has been spread all over the country, and has been widely used in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Centuryfair aimed at the use of ETC system in expressway toll stations, the improvement and upgrading of the original high-speed railing were carried out. Its core components are permanent magnet motor and its precision servo unit. The biggest advantage is that the starting and stopping position of the railing  is very accurate. The speed and position are fully implemented according to the control requirements. The landing speed can be adjusted independently and can adapt to various requirements from manual charge to no parking fee, and the power consumption is very low and the energy saving effect is remarkable.

Two. Centuryfair’S ETC high-speed railing are tested by national authoritative inspection organizations.

After the success of the Centuryfair’S ETC high-speed railing machine, several rounds of testing were carried out in the production base, which were tested by the national traffic safety facilities quality supervision and inspection center. The inspection items were: appearance quality, material requirements, shape and size requirements, general requirements, landing angle, landing time, reliability, end point. Sixteen technical indexes, such as position, collision avoidance requirement, fault treatment, electrical safety performance, chassis protection grade, noise, environmental adaptability, anti-corrosion and electromagnetic compatibility. The test results are: Sixteen technical indicators meet the relevant provisions of GB/T24973-2010 "electric railing for charging".

Here are two points:

First, the result of reliability test: the number of ups and downs is more than 10 million times, which is far more than that of the similar products within 5 million times of no fault landing.

Second, because of the use of servo technology and no spring, the failure rate is very low, and its failure rate is far lower than that of the similar products of the same kind.

Third. Centuryfair’s ETC high-speed railing are favored by the majority of Expressway users.

The Centuryfair’s ETC high-speed railing are put into the test and trial use of freeway toll gates after passing through the national traffic inspection center.

At present, the ETC high speed railing  machine which is tested and tried on the highway toll station is mainly 0.3 seconds and 0.6 seconds single open and double open two products. Its landing speed is very fast, and the completion of a landing is only 0.3 seconds and 0.6 seconds respectively, which greatly improves the traffic efficiency of the vehicle.

Centuryfair’s high-speed railing are not only used for ETC lanes of expressways, but also for other lanes, such as green passages for expressways. At present, the Centuryfair0.6 second single opening high-speed railing machine is actually used in many provincial highway green passageways in China.

Whether it is test trial or practical use, the Centuryfair’s ETC high-speed railing  machine has been approved by the users. The overall evaluation is that the operation is stable and can fully meet the requirements of the technical performance of the toll station. Therefore, it is favored by the users of the highway.


To sum up, the Centuryfair’s ETC high-speed railing machine is playing an important role in the expressway toll station, and will make due contribution to the healthy development of the traffic cause in China.

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