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Merchants join

The parking lot management system is widely used in small and medium-sized commercial toll parking lots (hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, theaters), large or super large commercial toll parking lots (airports, stadiums, exhibition centers), residential parking lots. Wait, but different parking lots have different software and hardware requirements.
Shenzhen Century Shun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of parking management systems. Now it is a grand investment attraction for prefecture-level cities and above. We sincerely invite you to join us! Since its establishment, it has successively developed SJS high-speed car, SJS intelligent gate, SJS intelligent parking system, SJS access control attendance system, SJS electronic patrol management system, SJS ladder control system, three-bar gate, swing gate, etc. Br /> And developed a leading level of community intelligent integrated management platform and online service system.
With the continuous expansion of the market and the continuous expansion of the customer base, Century Shun Company is now inviting individuals or groups with the strength to develop in the intelligent field and with certain strength, resources and sales network to join hands and create brilliance.
First, joining conditions
1. Recognize the core values ​​of Century Shun “Quality Building Brand, Service Creation Future” and “integrity, integrity, unity, progress, strictness, and civilization”, recognizing the quality of Century Shun products and the same industry. The leading position.
2. It has the qualifications of fixed office and independent legal person company, and has certain relevant industry marketing background and experience. Have a professional marketing team, with certain relevant engineering installation and service capabilities.
3. Provide Century Shun intelligent products in the local “market expansion plan” to actively develop the local market.
4. Pay attention to and promote the promotion of the brand of Century Shun, accept the relevant market and technical guidance of Century Shun Company, and abide by the company's marketing policies and various agent management regulations. Agent conditions:
I. Company cooperation
1. A legal registered enterprise.
2, there is a fixed place of business.
3, good credit, no loss of operation, no misdeeds.
4, have a certain market development experience.
5. In the security industry, enterprises in the transportation industry.
6. Has been engaged in parking lot business, and better customer resources are preferred.
Second, personal cooperation
1. Good credit. Good character.
2, there is a fixed place of business.
3, have basic office infrastructure equipment
4, have a certain local security / transportation market development capabilities
5, has been engaged in parking lot business, has better customer resources priority.
Third, OEM cooperation
1. Legal companies or individuals can cooperate
2, shape and function can be selected from our website
3, can customize different shapes for customers
4, can customize their own trademarks and signs
5, the software can be set to neutral or customer name
4. ODM cooperation
1. Legal companies or individuals can cooperate
2, the software can be set to neutral or customer name
3, the customer's own production equipment shape
4, customers can request our company's auxiliary design shape
5, can provide ODM full set of products

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