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Human Resources

Human Resources

Centuryfair human resource management “One General Provision”: select talent based on ethics; use talent based on abilities, cultivate talent based on needs; retain talent through good faith.
Centuryfair human resource management “Two Basic Points”: use people’s strength, and more importantly, use their wisdom.
Centuryfair human resource management “Trilogy”: trust, constraint and growth. Trust is the prerequisite, constraint is the guarantee and growth is the target.

Selecting people: prioritize ethics and value abilities
Using people: eliminate the incapable people and retain the capable ones; use people based on their abilities; discover talent, understand and know how to use talent, and bring into full play the abilities of talented people; assign important tasks to the capable one; let the mediocre ones make place for others; eliminate the nonentities.
Education: internal cultivation and external training; educate talent based on needs; allow everyone to be trained and train others.
Performance assessment: performance-based benefits, fair and transparent.
Salaries and incentives: set salaries based on posts, arouse potentials.

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